Welcome to UCLA’s 25th Annual Korean Culture Night Production!

This year’s production, 세월: A Passing of Time, invites the audience into the lives of seven high school students and their families, who experience a devastating incident. 3 years ago, the sinking of the Sewol Ferry united all of Korea in a grim and solemn time of waiting and hoping, but ultimately claimed over 300 lives. As we sympathize with the families who lost their loved ones, we are not able to fully picture the incident in its scale and relatability. The majority of the 304 were high school students who had hopes, ambitions, and dreams. Through this year’s Korean Culture Night, we delve deeper into the lives that were affected and bring to the stage a tragedy that shocked and angered our country.

*********Discretion is Advised*********

KCN acknowledges that this year’s theme is a politically sensitive topic. Due to its timely nature, we decided that it was appropriate to communicate the importance of how this tragedy affected the Korean/Korean-American Community.

Ticketing Information

For current UCLA Bruins,
Please refer to the UCLA Central Ticket Office starting Tuesday (4/11) and Wednesday (4/12) @10AM. After you present your BruinCard, you will receive max 1 FREE ticket! Because of the success of last year’s production, this year we are distributing more tickets to UCLA students than previous years! There will be a line, so get there early and have your BruinCards ready!

For non-UCLA guests and KCN Alumni,
Please submit this form. Will-Call tickets are not guaranteed, so come early to our show to pick them up. There will be a table in front of Royce Hall in which you can pick them up starting at 6:30 PM. VIP door opens at 6:30 PM! (lines typically form before the scheduled time).

**For questions and inquiries, please email uclakcn@gmail.com