Meet Me Where I Am
나를 만나러 와요

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Royce Hall at UCLA

For the 31st Korean Culture Night production, we bring focus to the history of first-generation Korean-Americans and the various endeavors encountered when adjusting to a dual culture juxtaposition. We present a multi-dimensional story that highlights the difficulties and sacrifices of a first-generation Korean American, focusing on the goal of a better life for families and future generations ahead. This story covers generational trauma that has been carried through years of authoritarian expectations and breakthroughs that can be reached with each generation as each representing character is willing to take a step towards healing.

Family is always unique to each individual and can be difficult to navigate through every stage of life. In hopes of bringing light to this subject, we aspire to exhibit an accurate portrayal of the challenges that come with complex familial relationships as we grow older.

Know Before You Go

The 31st Korean Culture Night will take place on Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 7 PM in Royce Hall.

On the day of the event, ticket will-call and lines will start at 5:30 PM. Will-call table will close at 6:30 PM.

There will be two lines, one for regular admission ticket holders* and one for VIP ticket holders**.

Patrons will be granted entrance starting 6:30 PM. VIP ticket holders will be granted priority entry. Regular admission ticket holders will be granted entry after.

If VIP ticket holders arrive after doors open and general ticket holders are granted entry, priority entry is NOT guaranteed.


*Regular admission tickets are distributed through UCLA Central Ticket Office. VIP tickets are limited to guests of KCN staff members and performers.

**VIP ticket holders MUST bring their physical VIP tickets on the day of the production.

Royce Hall is located at 340 Royce Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90095.


Theater parking is available in Parking Structure #5. From Sunset, turn south on Royce Drive, proceed through the 2 stop signs to access level 1-2-3.


Handicapped Accessible parking spaces are located on Level 4 of Structure 5. At the 2nd stop sign veer to the right to access Level 4. Wheelchair assistance is available on Level 4 beginning at 90 minutes to show.


For any accessibility accommodations please do not hesitate to reach out to the House Manager at 310-267-4465.


Rideshare / Guest drop-off is located at the flagpole at Dickson Court (10745 Dickson Court, Los Angeles, CA 90095) Some rideshare companies use the 340 Royce Drive address, this address will take you to the back of Royce Hall and to the lower lot. If you get dropped off here, please head south and up the stairs to the front of Royce Hall.


Options to purchasing a parking pass:

  • Purchase your parking ahead of time – click here.
  • Buy your parking permit at the payment kiosk located in Structure 5 on level 6 (top level) or level 4 right before you cross the pedestrian bridge. Kiosk information available here.
  • Install the ParkMobile app on your phone and purchase your parking on the day of the event from your smartphone – Royce Hall ParkMobile code 2552 (2500 ADA) – ParkMobile information available here.