Korean Culture Night (KCN) is the largest Korean-American student production in the United States and has been an annual tradition for 30 years. KCN is entirely student-run, featuring an original script, stage design, performances, and music. This year, KCN is set to return and will be held at UCLA’s Royce Hall on April 7, 2022.

The theme for this year’s production “You Are Not Alone / 넌 혼자가 아니야” will be focused around the student experience within the hyper-competitive Korean society. We hope that the event may spark conversations about the difficulties younger generations face, especially regarding mental and emotional health due to external stress and internalized pressure.


COVID-19 has brought many changes to our lives, and younger generations are especially prone to experiencing feelings of frustration and helplessness. We hope to explore these emotions and provide a sense of comfort through all of the performances we will be having on the premier night. We are all unique, gifted, and too strong to be defeated by a temporary setback, and we are very excited to showcase our understanding of the Korean culture with you soon!

Continuing the Legacy of 30 Years

Korean Culture Night began as a small talent show at UCLA and has grown to become the largest student-run Korean production in the United States.

Harmony of Traditional and Modern

Celebrating both the traditional and modern aspects of Korean culture, KCN showcases K-pop, modern, and fan dances, as well as an original script.

Celebrate Korean Culture with Us!

Korean Culture Night is dedicated to expressing and sharing the Korean Culture and continuing the great tradition of recognizing diversity on the UCLA campus.